Movie Review: The Daytrippers (1997)

Title: The Daytrippers
Release Date: March 5, 1997
Director: Greg Mottola
Production Company: Cinepix Film Properties

It came to my attention that there is an indie film from the 1990s starring both Hope Davis AND Parker Posey and I had somehow never seen it.  Davis and Posey play sisters Eliza and Jo who live on Long Island.  Eliza is married to Louis (Stanley Tucci), and grows suspicious when she finds a love note behind his dresser.  Eliza’s parents Jim (Pat McNamara) and Rita (Anne Meara) insist on driving into Manhattan so she confront Louis at his office, with Jo and her snobbish boyfriend Carl (Liev Schreiber) along for the ride.

In a day of madcap capers, the family looks for Louis, argues amongst themselves, and meets every type of white middle class New Yorker you can imagine.  There are some funny bits and Meara and McNamara are dead-on in the portrayals of Long Island parents.  Davis is solid as the good older child holding it together while cracking around the edges, while Posey is great as the wilder younger child.  The denouement of the movie is something that feels like it was supposed to really shocking in the 1990s but is just disappointing in 2022.

Overall this is an enjoyable, good but not great little film.

Rating: ***