Album of the Week: Multitude by Stromae

Album: Multitude
Artist: Stromae
Release Date: March 4, 2021
Label: Mosaert Label
Favorite Tracks:

  • Invaincu
  • Santé
  • La solassitude
  • L’enfer
  • Mon amour
  • Mauvaise journée


I’m guilty of not really paying attention to lyrics when listening to music.  There are songs I love that I listened to for decades before finding out what they really were about. Belgian artist Stromae (stage name for Paul Van Haver) sings in French, a language I only have rudimentary understanding of from a high school class over 30 years ago.  I find that voices singing in French have an added intensity regardless of their actual content.  The review of this album on Pitchfork examines the lyrics which focus on issues such as essential workers during the pandemic, parenthood, and sex workers, and his own experience escaping the Rwandan genocide.  Musically the album is highlighted by upbeat electronic sounds mixed with worldbeat-flavored French cafe music, instruments carefully layered over one another.  It’s a delight to listen to no matter what language you speak.

Rating: ****

Album of the Week 2022




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