Albums of the Week from The Linda Lindas and Deer Scout

I’m reviewing two recent releases this week from The Linda Lindas and Deer Scout. These artists have little in common. The Linda Lindas are loud and have a bite while Deer Scout is quiet and contemplative. But they both have a DIY ethos, a lot of passion, and really short songs on short albums (the total playing length of Growing Up is 25:35, Woodpecker is onl 22:09). So if you have the time, and you probably do, check out these two new albums!

Album: Growing Up
Artist: The Linda Lindas
Release Date: April 8, 2022
Label: Epitaph
Favorite Tracks:

  • Oh!
  • Growing Up
  • Talking to Myself
  • Why
  • Racist, Sexist Boy

Thoughts: The four members of Los Angeles band The Linda Lindas are aged between 11 and 17, so Growing Up is an appropriate title.  But their brand of melodic punk demonstrates a lot of maturity in their musicality.  The lyrics deal with the anxieties of teenage and preteen life, but also display a lot of wisdom.  The music on this album is just infectious and I love it so.


Rating: ****1/2

Album: Woodpecker
Artist: Deer Scout
Release Date: April 8, 2022
Label: Carpark Records
Favorite Tracks:

  • Cup
  • Synesthesia
  • Peace With the Damage
  • Breaking the Rock
  • Afterthought

Thoughts: Deer Scout is the stage name of Dena Miller, a New York-raised artist operating out of Philadelphia.  The album features a bedroom-style folk pop sound that despite its stripped-down nature displays a lot of complexity.  Deer Scout describes Woodpecker as a “record about memory and the subconscious” and their thoughtful lyrics as ruminating on things and sort them out.  Another brilliant debut!

Rating: ****


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