Scary Movie Review: It Follows (2014)

Title: It Follows
Release Date: May 17, 2014
Director: David Robert Mitchell
Production Company: Northern Lights Films | Animal Kingdom | Two Flints

Spectral demons as a metaphor for sexually-transmitted disease?  Perhaps.  It Follows is a movie that like Jennifer’s Body I wrongly assumed would be very raunchy and gorey.  Instead, It Follows is a slow burn in building tension.  The way that it is artfully filmed and paced reminds me of Let the Right One in (and both movies climax with a bloody scene in a swimming pool).

After Jay (Maika Monroe) has sex for the first time with her boyfriend Hugh (Jake Weary), he informs her that he has passed on an evil entity that will slowly walk toward her and pursue her that no one else can see.  It takes on the form of different people, including people she knows, and if it catches her it will kill her. Jay can pass it on to someone else but if that person is killed it will resume pursuing the previous person who passed it on. Luckily, Jay has a group of resourceful friends including Greg (Daniel Zovatto) and Paul (Keir Gilchrist) who accompany her and try to figure out a solution to her problem.

The movie is a bit on the long side, but the cinematography, the score and Monroe’s naturalistic performance make it a gripping experience.

Rating: ***1/2

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