90 Movies in 90 Days: Seven Chances (1925)

I’m kicking off 2023 by trying to watch and review one movie every day for the first 90 days, all of which will be 90 minutes or less.

Title: Seven Chances
Release Date: March 11, 1925
Director: Buster Keaton
Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn

The premise of this movie is that Jimmy Shannon (Buster Keaton) will inherit 7 million dollars if he marries by 7 P.M. Bungling his proposal to his true love Mary (Ruth Dwyer) he’s encouraged by his colleagues to propose to various society women, and then just random women he encounters.

The first 3/4’s of this film are quite dull and repetitive.  Additionally, there’s an actor in blackface in a prominent role and some other racist.  The movie only becomes laugh out loud funny in the final sequence where Shannon is chased by a mob of prospective brides and they accidentally start an avalanche of boulders down a hillside.  This is a feature film that would’ve worked much better as a short.

Rating: **