Welcome to Panorama of the Mountains.  This is the personal blog of Liam Sullivan, a dad, archivist, voracious reader, music aficionado, beer drinker, and wannabe activist residing in Jamaica Plain, MA.

What you can expect at Panorama of the Mountains:

  • Mondays: Song of the Week reviews
  • Tuesdays: 50 Years 50 Movies (one movie from each year of my life, 1973 to 2022)
  • Wednesdays: Book Reviews
  • Thursdays: 50 Years 50 Albums (one album from each year of my life, 1973 to 2022)
  • Saturdays: Creative Writing
  • Every Day Until March 31st: 90 Movies in 90 Days

Less frequently you may see:

  • My thoughts on a current political issues and ways to get involved in activist causes (I don’t post these as often as I like)
  • Original writing including my City Stories series of adventures in the world’s greatest cities
  • Photo posts with pictures from my travels, events, and just things I like taking pictures of

To keep up to date with Panorama of the Mountains, subscribe to my rss feed: https://othemts.wordpress.com/feed/

Other places you can find me online:

  • I post weird things on Tumblr
  • I share articles and blog posts I read on Pocket
  • Instagram
  • Library Thing is my catalog of every book I’ve ever read
  • Letterboxd is my catalog of every movie I’ve ever watched
  • I’m trying out Mastodon and Post.  Probably would help if I had more people to follow, so let me know if you’re there.
  • I have a Tiktok account but I don’t post anything.  Let me know if you want me to follow you there.

Please join in the conversation and leave a comment below or on any post you find interesting.  Check out the comment policy for more details.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hmmmmm….any relation to the Liam Sullivan of “Kelly” fame???? Perhaps another alter ego, eh?


  2. I have several sarcastic responses ready for this question:

    1. I needed to find a safe place to live far away from Yankees fans.
    2. I am allergic to the DH and had to find the nearest National League team to root for.
    3. I snuck in over the borders of Red Sox Nation and am living in Somerville as an undocumented immigrant.

    Well, all of those have an element of the truth (especially, the mutual hatred of the Yankees and the nearest NL team to Boston), but the truth is that I grew up in Connecticut and became a Mets fan as a child and one just cannot give up fandom. The Red Sox are my favorite AL team and I always wish them well except when they play the Mets.

    Thanks for commenting. You have a very attractive blog with all those photos.


  3. Liam:

    Thanks for being the first (sadly, only) blogger on the planet to notice “Margin notes” at US Catholic. I appreciate the assist, esp. coming from a Mets fan. Good luck with your Jesus year! No pressure!



  4. Hello, My name is Johnny Coe. i was the leader of the band called Echolalia.
    In researching online today, i found our band listed in your top 100 albums of all time!
    THANK YOU it was a fun record to make. It started out as a few different demo’s for
    various venues showcasing all different styles we covered. In case you didn’t recognise it,
    there was a cover of a song originally recorded by Boston band DOGMATICS “King Size Cigarette”
    We had a fantastic run for a few years and sadly disbanded 1999. There were a couple of reunion shows which were well received, but, it always felt like unfinished business to me.
    We did multi track recordings of a couple of live shows, but, the tapes were destroyed
    after we split up. We had a reunion tour booked in 2004 and were going to be featured on
    a film soundtrack. After an unexpected death in my family, it had to be postponed.

    I’ve been living on and off in Boston, since June 2000 and co-host a traditional music session
    in kendall Square @ Tommy Doyle’s Pub on Tuesday Nights 8:30pm
    as well as Playing in a band called “The Old Brigade” in and around Boston, Ma.
    Would Enjoy meeting you sometime. love to hear the story of how you found our record.
    it is pretty obscure and hard to find…..
    I’m off to your neighborhood now to peruse Boomerang’s thrift shop.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Johnny Coe


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