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Beer Review: Two Roads Worker/s Comp Saison

Beer: Worker’s Comp Saison
Brewer: Two Roads Brewing Company
Source: 12 oz. bottle
Rating: *** (7.3 of 10)
Comments: This beer is cloudy, golden, and bubbly with a pleasant grainy, musty barn aroma.  The flavor is sweet and spicy with hints of citrus, grass, and banana.  It’s refreshing with a light mouthfeel.  A classy take on the saison.


Beer Review: Stone Coffee Milk Stout

Beer: Coffee Milk Stout
Brewer: Stone Brewing Co.
Source: 12 oz. bottle
Rating: ** (6.5 of 10)
Comments: Charcoal black with a thick cream head.  The smell, appropriately, is like freshly-roasted coffee beans.  The coffee flavor isn’t strong but this is definitely a well-balanced stout, smooth and sweet.  The head dissipates rapidly and leaves no lace.


Beer Review: Post Road Pumpkin Ale

BeerPost Road Pumpkin Ale
Brewer: Brooklyn Brewery
Source: 12 oz. bottle
Rating: *** (7.5 of 10)
Comments: This bubbly amber-colored beer with a thick head smells of cinnamon spice, and has an appropriately sweet pumpkin flavor up front with a bitter aftertaste.  There’s light lacing, bit of a lingering head, and a light mouthfeel.  Definitely a pumpkin delight for the season.

 Beer Review: Paulaner Oktoberfest 

Beer:  Oktoberfest Bier
BrewerPaulaner Brauerei GmbH & Co. 
Source: Draft, in a beer stein
Rating: ** (6.3 of 10)
Comments: I quaffed a stein of this seasonal beer, which is copper in color with lots of bubbles and a thin head.  It offers a mild, grainy aroma and has a nice graham cracker flavor with a hint of honey followed by an acidic aftertaste.  Nice lacing on the glass.  This is your basic Oktoberfest Märzen and good for the occasion.



Beer Reviews: Trapp Pilsner

BeerBohemian Pilsner
Brewer: Von Trapp Brewing
Source: Draft
Rating: *** (7.1 of 10)
Comments: A golden, sparkling beer with a musty grain and spice aroma.  The taste is of biscuits, but bitter around the edges.  No lace and no head quickly after you start drinking, just yummy basic Pilsner flavor.


Beer Reviews: Whetstone Prime Porter

Beer: Prime Porter
BrewerWhetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery
Source: Draft
Rating: *** (7 of 10)

Another Brattleboro exclusive, this porter is jet black with a thin ahead and the aroma of roast coffee. The flavor is velvety milk chocolate.  The glass is lacey although the head dissipates.  Overall: yum.

Beer Reviews: Whetstone WIPA Snappa

Beer: WIPA Snappa
BrewerWhetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery
Source:  Draft
Rating: *** (7.3 of 10)
Comments: The first of a couple of beers from this experimental brewpub in Brattleboro, VT.  It’s a cloudy, straw-colored beer with light carbonation and a thin head.  The aroma is a mix of grapefruit and sweet pastry, while the flavor includes lemon drops and rye bread.  It has a thin mouthfeel and leaves whispy lace on the glass.  Whatever it is, it works!




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