Song of the Week: “O B 1” by Jagwar Ma

“O B 1” by Jagwar Ma is reminiscent of the industrial dance music inflected alternative rock of the early 1990s, a style of music that seems to be overlooked in 90s music retrospectives, but one I dug.  The Australian band will release their full album Every Now & Then in October. More at KEXP Song…

Song of the Week: “Frankie Sinatra” by The Avalanches

A long time ago I found a random album at the library by a band called The Avalanches and was blown away by the sound collage of samples, sound bites, and dance music, especially the track “Frontier Psychiatrist.”   16 years later, The Avalanches finally got around to releasing their second album Wildflower featuring the delightfully…

Song of the Week: “Transition” by DIRTYGIRL

The lo-fi punk band from London DIRTYGIRL offers “Transition,” a track with a tight power pop sound and vocals reminiscent of early Liz Phair.  It’s off their Junk Food EP released in October, and made known to my by The Sounds in My Head podcast.

Song of the Week: “Comicon” by SassyBlack

“Comicon” is a funky celebration of going to a science fiction/fantasy convention dressed as your favorite characters.  It comes from “space aged singer, songwriter & producer” SassyBlack, aka Cat Harris-White.

Song of the Week: “Stadium Pow Wow” by A Tribe Called Red

I believe A Tribe Called Red becomes my first third time Song of the Week honoree with this post.  But I can’t resist the Ottawa, Ontario groups mix of electronic dance music with traditional First Nations chanting and drumming.  And on “Stadium Pow Wow” they’ve somehow turned this unique blend into a jock jam!  The…

Song of the Week: “1973” by Beth Orton

“1973” is a song by Beth Orton off her new album Kidsticks.  Orton is an English singer-songwriter who blends folk music with electronica to create “folkltronica.”  1973 is a significant year since that was the year I was born, but I expect Orton isn’t aware of that.  

Song of the Week: “Kinsumba” by Konono N°1

Konono N°1 is a band from Congo that makes instruments out of used car parts.  On their new album they’re working with Angolan-born, Portugal-based producer Batida.  “Kinsumba” is a great way to kick off your weekend.

Song of the Week: “The Werewolf” by Paul Simon

Paul Simon certainly does not need a small-time blogger to get publicity, but I’m going to share his wildly inventive and unique new song “The Werewolf” anyway. Even better, check out the All Songs Considered podcast where Paul Simon breaks down the song’s creation with Bob Boilen.  And don’t these lyrics speak to our time!…

Song of the Week: YOU the Audience Decide!

Okay, so here are four new (to me) songs that I like, but none of them jump out as THE Song of the Week.  So I’m going to let my readers write this post with an unprecedented Song of the Week poll. Here are the contenders: Courtney Barnett – “Three Packs a Day” Jack Klatt…

Song of the Week: “Psychotubes” by Moon Hooch

“Psychotubes” is the first single off of the forthcoming album from Moon Hooch, Red Sky. It’s another example of their saxophone-heavy dance music so unique it has its own genre, cave music.

Song of the Week: “Papa Loko (Se Van)” by RAM

Hailing from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, RAM is a prominent mizik raisin (roots music) band.  “Papa Loko (Se Van)” is a track from their most recent album Manmanm Se Ginen. The sound is amazing!