I’m a podcast junkie. Here’s a current list of what I’m listening to. I’ve made a short parenthetical description of the show when the content isn’t readily apparent. Click the links for more details.


Here are some podcast networks for more podcast suggestions:

And here are some posts I’ve made about podcasts:

4 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. How do you keep up with all these? I was up to 15 at one point and had to remove a few from the list. I think I’m at 10 now. It’s still a lot, but I don’t have a TV, so they are background noise a lot of time. Looks like we have Planet Money and This American Life in common. Also, I love that the ISG Museum has its own podcast. Who knew? I love that place.

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    1. Good question! I work in an archives and spend lots of time in otherwise quiet and isolated spaces processing archival collections. Basically, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks all day at work. I also don’t listen to every episode of podcasts that come out daily or multiple time per week, just the ones that look most interesting.


  2. Am in the early stages of creating a podcast with a friend and thank you for this post. New to this world and looking forward to building an audience. Writing to you on X day of the #Challege. Almost at an end. Glad you and I have kept company during this month. I’m disappointed in the numbers and wonder how many wound up participating. It’s an interesting world, this blogging, and has helped my writing immensely. I had a wonderful time preparing. I’ll be back.


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