Song of Last Week: “Resolution Song (Benin)” by Star Feminine Band

(I had a song picked out for last week but failed to find time to make a post, so I’m posting it now!)

Star Feminine Band – “Resolution Song (Benin)”

The seven member band from Benin is made up of girls from the ages 12 to 19.  They perform danceable music with lyrics about social issues, especially related to women and girls.  Thus they’ve been called The Linda Lindas of Benin.  Read more about the group in this article from NPR

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Photopost: A Visit to the MFA, part eight

I continued my ongoing quest to visit every gallery in the Museum of Fine Arts by visiting the Art of Asia, Oceania, and Africa wings.  It’s unfortunate that the art of the two most populous continents and some diverse island cultures are all clumped together like that, especially since the MFA boasts having a large collection of Asian arts dating back to the earliest days of the museum.  Nevertheless there was quite a delightful collection of works that had me hopping around geographically as well as through time.  One gallery deliberately mixed contemporary and classical Japanese art in a provocative way.

I also took a 3 masterpieces in 30 minutes tour and got to learn about three family portraits from three different artistic styles – Sargent’s The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit, a folk art portrait from the 1830s, and Steen’s Twelfth-Night Feast.

After these eight visits, I believe I’ve been to every permanent gallery in the museum.  Of course, art on exhibit is changing all the time, so I’ll have to go back and do it again.  Maybe next time I’ll have a theme like art with families or bridges or pets or something like that.

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