Six Years

Today marks six years since I made my first post on this blog.  I feel like I came late to blogging, yet here I am still plugging away long after the blogging trend has past.  Somehow in that time I managed to make 1,393 posts.

And yet I feel bittersweet about this anniversary as I hoped to do so much more with this blog.  I’ve not been very active of late, at least for the past year or so.  The list of book reviews I want to write alone is intimidating, not mention all the other things I want to write.  And that is the problem, in that I have so much I want to share on this blog, and yet I hardly ever do.  I rarely seem to have the time and when I have the time I have no energy and when I have the energy I have no inspiration.  Nevertheless, I’d like to keep going and see if I can become a more frequent, and more importantly, substantive blogger.

Knowing people are reading helps, so if you still manage to read this blog regularly, let me know what you like or what you’d like to read.  Or just say hello.  Feel free to leave a comment or contact me on my Tumblr or Twitter accounts.

And even if you have nothing to say, but you keep reading this blog, I thank you for traveling with me thus far.

Library Blogs

I keep hearing that Library Blogs are a thing of the past, something I’ve been hearing since I started following Library Blogs about five years ago.  Luckily, just like the frequently misreported death of libraries themselves there are many Library Blogs alive and well.  I follow dozens of them in my Bloglines feeds. Coincidentally, today I found two of them reporting on bigger projects for people looking for Library Blogs:

  • Swiss Army Librarian reports on a customized Google search engine that searches over 500 library blogs.  You can check out LISZEN Search yourself as it should be a valuable resource.
  • Walt at Random is working on a more ambitious project to create a directory of over 1000 library blogs and looking for submissions for more.  He even graciously includes Panorama of the Mountains although my posts with library content are few and far between.

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