Beer Review: Slumbrew My Better Half

Beer: My Better Half
Brewer: Somerville Brewing Company
Source: 22 oz bottle
Rating: *** (7.9 of 10)
Comments: A golden amber with very little carbonation, this caramel-scented beer has the unique flavor combination of sweet orange cream with a chocolate aftertaste.  The head is thin and the lacing is erratic, but this brew is yummy.


Beer Review: Slumbrew Imperial Cream Ale

Beer:  Imperial Cream Ale
Brewer: Slumbrew Brewing Company
Source:  Draft
Rating: *** (7.8 of 10)
Comments: The beer is a hazy, copper-amber color with a thin head.  The nose was a faint sweet smell.  There wasn’t much expectation at this point, but the taste was a  pleasant surprise.  True to its name it has a creamy flavor with vanilla, but not overly sweet and it goes down smoothly.  The high-alcohol content also left me with a pleasant buzz.

Beer Review: Little Kings Cream Ale

Beer: Little Kings Cream Ale
Brewer: Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co.
Source: 7 oz. bottle
Rating:  ** (6.0 of 10)
Comments: This beer comes in a unique and cute little bottle.  It’s basically a cheap regional brew, but surprisingly tasty.  It’s sweet and malty with a creamy mouthfeel and a nice refreshing finish.  It kind of feels old-fashioned, like something factory-workers would kick back at the corner tavern after work.

Beer Review: Wexford Irish Cream

From England to Ireland…

Beer: Wexford Irish Cream Ale
Brewer: Green King – Morland Brewery
Source: Draught
Rating: ** (6.9 of 10)
Comments: Nothing at all like Bailey’s Irish Cream. This is a beer that looks like a blond Guinness, thick with a creamy head. I found the scent a bit off-putting and the taste was rather bland, but it was a decent beer overall.