Friday Sillies: Spam

Spam. Spam poetry. Spam comics. Spam art. And spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam…

Friday Sillies for Halloween

First you need a jack-o-lantern.  When I was in grad school one of my classmates was an expert carver of anime pumpkins.  I don’t know much about anime but I do admire the skill and artistry of her carving.  My favorite pumpkin though still has to be the Melvil Dewey pumpkin (second from the top)…

Friday Sillies: The Miracle of Birth

According to Monty Pyton: If the most expensive machine in the hospital doesn’t do it for you, maybe you’d prefer natural child birth. According to Bill Cosby: Part 1 Part 2

Friday Sillies: Cycle Facility of the Month

Warrington Cycle Campaign: Cycle Facility of the Month is a funny look at poor urban design for cyclists in one English town.  Click through the puzzling photos captioned with great wit and sarcasm and have a good laugh while learning about bicycle safety.

Friday Sillies: Simulacraceae

Simulacraceae I heard about this project on the Scientific American podcast “Science Talk“.  It is no less than exhaustive, six-year project in the taxonomy of artificial plants.  Be warned, the Ethnobotany Journal article (pdf) contains requires knowledge of Pig Latin.  The publication date is interesting as well.

Friday Sillies: Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend

I’m a fan of newspaper comics, although these days I seem to enjoy them more for ironic reasons such as the snark at Comics Curmudgeon. My childhood seemed to be a last golden age for comics with the likes of The Far Side, Bloom County, and Calvin and Hobbes (I think even Garfield was funny…

Friday Sillies: Superman is a what?

I don’t read comic books.  Okay I guess I do read graphic novels, but comic books were never my style even when I was a boy.  Maybe I’ll get into them in old age.  Regardless, when I discovered Superdickery a couple of years ago, I laugh uproariously for page after page.  The basic jist of…

Friday Sillies: How Many Licks

Ever wonder how many licks it really take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie-Pop? How Many Licks by Mark Robertshaw gets to the heart of the matter. Or the Tootsie-Pop. Via Improbably Research. I especially like the section headings.

Friday Sillies: Unshelved, the library comic strip

Generally I select things for Friday Sillies that are new funny things I’ve discovered on the internet.  My hope is that I’m actually promoting something new as opposed to something that every online hipster saw years ago and is now old and tired.  Today, I’m promoting Unshelved, the online comic strip that’s set in a…