Beer Review: Harpoon Grateful Harvest Ale

Beer: Grateful Harvest Ale
Brewer: Harpoon Brewery
Source:  12 oz. bottle
Rating: ** (6.0 of 10)
Comments: This unique beer pours out amber in color with a foamy head.  The cranberry is definitely there in the aroma and flavor.  The taste is a bit week, with unfortunate overly sweet undertones, but the aftertaste is good.  For a seasonal beer with a unique New England twist, it’s worth trying, but overall this is a so-so beer.

Note: Grateful Harvest benefits Harpoon Helps the philanthropic wing of Harpoon Brewery which supports New England Charities like The Greater Boston Food Bank.  Even if you’re not interested in the beer consider making a donation to GBFB or your local food bank.


Beer Review: Harpoon Saison Various

Beer:  Saison Various
Brewer: Harpoon Brewery
Source: Draft
Rating: *** (7.5 of 10)
Comments: #47 in Harpoon’s 100 Barrel Series, this saison is actually a blend of four different beers crafted by four different brewers.  The beer is a deep golden color with very little head or carbonation.  I caught a strong whiff of tropical fruit in the aroma.  The taste is sweet with hints of spice and a bready quality with a crisp finish.  It’s tasty and unique.

Beer Review: Harpoon Ale

Beer: Harpoon Ale
Brewer: Harpoon Brewery
Source: 12 oz. bottle
Rating: *** (7 of 10)

Comments: Susan picked up a mix-pack case of Harpoon Brewery beers so all I’ve been sampling a wide selection of beers from my favorite Boston brewery this week (sorry Sam Adams).   This is their flagship brew.  This beer has a good consistent caramel-amber coloring, a strong head, and good level of carbonation.  The scent was a bit musty, but the flavor is delicious.  It’s a nice balance of fruit, nuts, caramel, and malt with a yummy aftertaste.