Beer Review: Samuel Adams Black Harbor Stout

Beer: Black Harbor Stout
Brewer: Boston Beer Company
Source: Draft
Rating:  **** (8.3  of 10)

Poured in a brandy glass, this beer is the color of black velvet.  The scent is candied cherries or raisins, while the flavor is kind of a mulled wine crossed with coffee (in a good way).  A delicious alternative to the same old.

From the same brewer:


Beer Reviews: Peak Organic Oak Aged Mocha Stout

Beer: Oak Aged Mocha Stout
Brewer: Peak Organic Brewing Company
Source: 22 0z. bottle
Rating: **** (8.7 of 10)
Comments: Is there such a thing as a dessert beer?  This is it.  The stout is a chocolate-brown with the sweet scents of vanilla and cocoa.  The bittersweet chocolate comes through in the flavor with a roasted coffee finish.  The dissipates quickly with no lacing.  Yum!

Beer Review: Inkwell Imperial Stout

Beer: Inkwell Imperial Stout
Brewer: Offshore Ale Company
Source: Draft
Rating: * (5.5 of 10)

Comments: Another beer sampled on our Martha’s Vineyard weekend.  The beer had the blackness of its name and style, but flavor-wise it was lacking the stout punch.  Other than some chocolaty overtones I found it tasted weak and watery.  I was disappointed by this beer.