Bronx Brewery No Resolutions IPA

Beer: No Resolutions IPA
Brewer: Bronx Brewery
Source: Can
Rating: *** (7.5 of 10)

Another treat from the Bronx, pours out a deep amber with big bubbles, with a thick but swiftly dissipating head.  The aroma is earthy and fruity, and while typical to the IPA style the flavor is bitter but doesn’t assault you with bitterness.  The balance means that the last flavor is malty rather than an a hoppy aftertaste.


Beer Review: Smuttynose Rhye IPA

Beer: Rhye IPA
BrewerSmuttynose Brewing Company
Source: 22 oz bottle
Rating: ** (6.4 of 10)
Comments: A golden beer with a thick head, the nose is kind of musty, citrus and malt.  The initial sip is heavy on hop bitterness, but offers a crisper, pleasant aftertaste.  The head sticks around a long time and even settles down on the bottom.  Not my style, but I expect those who like hoppy beers would find it interesting.


Beer Review: Harpoon White IPA

Beer: Harpoon White IPA
Brewer: Harpoon Brewery
Source: 22 oz. bottle
Rating: *** (7.3 of 10)
Comments: Boston’s Harpoon Brewery continues their 100 Barrel Series with this Belgian IPA, a blend of a Belgian Wit with an American IPA.    The beer is cloudy and golden in appearance with a thick golden head.  It gives off a floral aroma and the taste is of bitter spice with orange and citrus flavors.  Another good beer from the Bay State.