Photopost: Stratton Mountain Gondola

On our final day in Vermont, we visited the Stratton Mountain Ski Resort to ride the gondola to the top of the mountain.  My wife hiked down, while I took the kids on five round trips up and down the mountain trying to ride in as many cars as possible.

Photopost: Molly Stark State Park

On our second day in Vermont, we visited Molly Stark State Park and hiked to the fire tower at the top of Mount Olga.  Beyond the fire tower we discovered the ruins of Hogback Mountain Ski Area lifts which were abandoned in 1986, but look like they’re even older and eerily overgrown.  Nature always wins….

Cities with Mountains

I’m a man of extremes.  I love urban living, but when I want to get out of the city I want to get way out of the city, skipping over all those suburbs.  Ideally my best vacation spot is on a remote trail hiking up a mountain.  Too bad that the best of both worlds…