Complaints Choirs

I heard about this on PRI’s The World: Global Hit podcast. Basically people take all their complaints, set them to music, and then sing about them. You can read more about at the website Complaint Choirs of the World.

The trend of complaining seems to be suitable to gloomy places like Birmingham and Helsinki, but I do wonder about the singing history of those places. The Boston/Cambridge area is known for both endless complaining and sing-a-longs at the drop of the hat. I think a complaints choir is a perfect match. Well not to perfect, I mean nothings perfect, not in a world where the Red Sox can’t even sign Daisuke Matsuzaka without things going to hell, where the Big Dig will never be finished and if it is it will just leak and collapse, and we have to shovel our cars out of two feet of snow and Jesus feckin’ Christ did ya hear about….