Book Review: The F-word by Jesse Sheidlower

Author: Jesse Sheidlower
Title: The F-word
Publication Info: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.
ISBN: 9780195393118
Summary/Review: Not the book I expected.  I thought it was going to be a cultural history of the word “fuck” through history and various usages.  That was just the introduction which was pretty good.  The main body of this work is 269 page lexicon of different usages and phrases of the f-word.  It perhaps make a useful reference book, but definitely not something I’m going to read end to end.

Rating: **


More Words I Don’t Know

Following up on Words I Don’t Know.  Defining words I should know, that I pretend to know, but don’t really know.

soporific, adj. – the quality of something that causes sleepiness both literally and figuratively.

quotidian, adj. – something that recurs every day, can be extrapolated to mean commonplace or mundane.

fungible, adj. – can be replaced by something of equal value.

plenary, adj. – regarding an assembly or conference where all the members are in attendance

epistemology, n – a philosophy or science that studies knowledge and how knowledge is acquired.

probity, n – the quality of having a good character, morals, and being an all around decent person.