Beer Review: Magic Hat Single Chair

Beer: Single Chair Golden Ale Brewer: Magic Hat Brewing Company  Source: 12 oz. bottle  Rating: ** (6.6 of 10) Comments: This effervescent golden ale has scent of lemongrass, and the taste of lemon and honey with a grainy aftertaste. The flavor is not strong and the mouthfeel is light. Despite the ski lift on the…

Beer Review: Ommegang Three-Eyed Raven

Beer: Game Of Thrones: Three-Eyed Raven Brewer: Brewery Ommegang Source: 750ml bottles Rating: *** (6.6 of 10) Comments: This is a Game of Thrones themed beer so there was a chance that drinking it would lead to choking, convulsions, and turning a deep shade of purple, but luckily that didn’t happen.  I actually found the…

Beer Review: Couch Surfer Oatmeal Stout 

Beer:  Couch Surfer Oatmeal Stout Brewer: Otter Creek Brewing Source: Draft Rating: **** (8 of 10) Comments:  A dark black beer with a buff head, this beer has a sweet and creamy aroma and flavor with chocolatey taste a hint of coffee bean in the aftertaste.  The head persists and coats that glass with some nice lacing….

Beer Review: Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout

Beer: Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout Brewer: Great Divide Brewing Company Source: 650 ml. bottle Rating: ****  (8.4 of 10) Comments: Cryptozoology is a big thing in my household, so I hoped it would pair well with beer.  No worries as the big Yeti bottle pours out a midnight black with a thick and foamy head….

Beer Review: Tasty Ale

Beer: Tasty Ale Brewer: Boston Beer Company Source: Draft Rating: ( of 10) Comments: Served in a frosty mug at Tasty Burger, this golden beer holds a thin foamy head with a mild grassy aroma.  The flavor is grainy with malt sweetness, but I think much of the flavor is deadened by the iced glass….

Beer Review: Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

Beer: Vanilla Porter Brewer: Breckenridge Brewery Source: Draft Rating: ** (6.6 of 10) Comments: Beer pours out chocolate brown with a buff head. As advertised in the name it has a sweet vanilla aroma and flavor. Other flavors are muted. Seems like a unique idea, but it offers nothing exciting.

2015 Beer in Review

This will be sweet and simple (and sometimes hoppy and complex).  A list of the ten best beers I tried for the first time in 2015.  See my full list of beer reviews for more. 8.2 – Ballast Point Wahoo White  8.1 – Jacks Abby Sunny Ridge 8.1 – Von Trapp Golden Helles 8.1 –…

Beer Review: Rising Tide Ishmael

Beer: Ishmael Brewer: Rising Tide Brewing Company Source: Draft Rating: (6.8 of 10) Comments: This beer pours out with a deep amber color and a thin head.  The aroma is a sweet, bready caramel with a mild flavor that follows the nose. Medium mouthfeel, no lace, no head leftover.  A plain ordinary beer.  I like it….

Beer Review: Lagunitas Brown Shugga Ale

Beer: Brown Shugga Ale Brewer:  Lagunitas Brewing Company Source: Draft in a tulip glass Rating: **** (8.1 of 10) Comments:  This beer pours out a pleasant dark amber color with a pinky-width head.  The aroma is sweet with hints of grass and spice.  The flavor is complex – juicy fruit, brown sugar, and a touch of…

Beer Review: Harpoon EHOP Collaboration

Beer: EHOP Collaboration Brewer: Harpoon Brewery / Deschutes Brewery Source: 22 oz. bottle Rating: *** (7.5 of 10) Comments: Boston’s Harpoon collaborates with Oregon’s Deschutes on a beer celebrating that both breweries are employee-owned.  They celebrate their Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) with this Employee Hops Ownership Plan (EHOP).  And the workers controlling the means of production is…