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Song of the Week: “Sapokanikan” by Joanna Newsom

I embrace my inner hipster and declare that I have a mad crush on Joanna Newsom.  Her latest track “Sapokanikan” relates a hidden history of New York City.  I mean, it’s certainly the best song I’ve ever heard that invokes Tammany Hall.  Read more about why we love this song at NPR Music.

Song of the Week: “Hell You Talmbout” featuring Janelle Monáe, Deep Cotton, St. Beauty, Jidenna, Roman GianArthur, and George 2.0.

Janelle Monáe brought together artists on Wondaland Records to record the stark protest song of our times.

Won’t you say their names?


Song of the Week: “Most Space” by Worriers

Brooklyn-based punk band Worriers just released an excellent album called Imaginary Life.  The humorous video for “Most Space” is below, although my favorite song on the album is “Life During Peacetime,” which I could not find a way to stream.

Also check out the All Songs Considered interview with Lauren Denitzio of Worriers and Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!, who produced the album.

Song of the Week: “Black Magic” by Prom Queen

The retro-lounge act Prom Queen of Seattle take a spooky turn on “Black Magic.”  Lush instrumentation is layered up with the vocals of bandleader/songwriter Celene Ramadan.  More at KEXP:


Song of the Week: “Monterrey” by The Milk Carton Kids

I heard The Milk Carton Kids for the first time last week at the Green River Festival.  The California folk duo offers beautiful harmonies reminiscent of The Everly Brothers or Simon & Garfunkel.  Listen to the melancholy beauty of “Monterrey,” the title track from their latest album.

Song of the Week: “Gone Fishing” by Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy is an Irish singer-song writer in electronic dance music and “Gone Fishing” is an amazing aural experience.  Read more at the KEXP Blog where it was recently chosen as “Song of the Gay.”

Song of the Week: “Look Closer (Can’t You See the Signs)” by Saun & Starr

Saun & Starr, a vocal duo from the Daptone Records family of soulful music sing “Look Closer (Can’t You See the Signs)” from their debut album Look Closer.


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