Book List 2015

Once again it’s time to make my wishlist of books I want to read this year and below that, a list the books I actually do get around to reading

You can also check out how I did the last couple of years on my Book Lists ‘08,  Book Lists ’09Book Lists ’10,  Book Lists’ 11,  Book Lists ’12,  Book Lists 2013, Book Lists 2014 pages.  Visit Library Thing to see every book I’ve ever read as well as my 100 favorite books of all time.

Books to Read in 2015

Around the World for a Good Book

My Around the World For A Good Book project continues.  Like last year I’m drawing inspiration from international sport by using nations involved in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup as inspiration for my book choices.

  • China PR: The Last Lover by Can Xue (Lamont, Widener)
  • Costa Rica: (MLN, Lamont, Widener)Assault on Paradise by Tatiana Lobo
  • Norway: The Cold Song by Linn Ullmann  (BPL ebook, BPL, MLN, Widener)
  • Switzerland: With the Animals by Noëlle Revas
  • Thailand: The Happiness of Kati by Ngarmpun (Jane) Vejjajiva  (BPL, MLN)


Library Thing Early Reviewers

These are books I’ve received from the Library Thing Early Reviewers program that I haven’t reviewed.  Even if I don’t complete each book, I’d like to give them enough consideration to review them this year.

Books Read in 2015













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