Pub Sing

Last night the wife, son, and I went to the Revels’ Pub Sing at Doyle’s Cafe in Jamaica Plain. I just have to say that a pub sing is one of the greatest things ever. What could be better than gathering in a bar and belting out songs while swigging down beers? I’ve been to three Revels’ Pub Sings including the one at Doyle’s a year ago this month. The Revels sponsor pub sings quarterly – as well as their Christmas and Summer Revels and other events (see my previous post on the Revels) – so you should really check it out.

Really though I think this is a concept that could be built on. What if a pub sponsored weekly pub sings? I think it would be a great attraction and draw a lot of people. Better than karaoke at least since no one person is on the spot as we all sing together. Besides, one thing I’ve learned from living in Boston for 10 years is that people in Boston LOVE sing-a-longs. From the Revels to Club Passim to major concerts to my church, people will join in singing in at the drop of a hat, something I’ve never heard anywhere else. And Bostonians tend to sing well too, with all the harmonies and such.

So I think pub singing needs to be the next big thing. All we need is a pub, some songbooks and someone to kick it off.

The Old Ball Game

Looking through my links on my Boston Walking Tours post I came across listings in the Historic New England calendar for vintage baseball. I’ve long wanted to check out the historic reenactment of baseball as it was played in the 19th-century.  Much better than Civil War battles, in my humble opinion.

With a little web searching I learned that there are entire leagues of vintage baseball teams in the Boston area, and the most local team (meaning I could attend games by taking the T) is the Boston Colonials.  The Boston Colonials schedule is online at their blog.  I definitely need to check that out this summer.  I’m only saddened that I missed the game on Boston Common.

Speaking of old time baseball, the 15th Annual Old Time Baseball Game in Cambridge is coming up on August 21st. This is a fun event where two teams of mainly high school players with a few celebrities thrown in play a game under modern rules but with vintage-style uniforms from several Major and Minor league teams of the past century.  It’s something worth putting on your calendar.

It’s good to have options for baseball-viewing since Red Sox tickets are too expensive and too impossible to get.  I didn’t get to Fenway once last season and doubt I will this season.  However, if I do it will probably be for the great Futures at Fenway doubleheader on August 9th.  This event features the Sox triple-A farm team the Pawtucket Red Sox and short season single-a affiliate the Lowell Spinners each playing a game against opponents from their respective leagues.  I went to this a couple of years back and it’s a great family event.  All the charm and history of Fenway with the just plain fun of Minor League baseball.

Of course my real heart’s desire is to sneak up to Lowell to see the Spinners play the baby Mets from Brooklyn on Aug. 6-8 but we’ll have to see about that.