Boston By Foot Tour of the Month: Ashmont Hill Sneak Preview!

I’m a big supporter and participant in Boston By Foot’s Tours of the Month.  Usually, I post photos and commentary after the tour.  This time I’m posting a sneak preview of a tour coming up next Sunday, August 31st at 2 pm:  Ashmont Hill.  If you come on the Red Line, make sure to exist Ashomnt station and walk to the right up Dorchester Avenue to get to Peabody Square with the big clock.  You may be lucky enough to see the man who winds it by hand!

The tour covers both a public square and a quiet, leafy neighborhood with gorgeous houses, none of which are substandard.  The architectural styes include Gothic Revival, Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, Stick Style, Shingle Style, and Italianate.  Homes of architects, educators, and a prominent politician – John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald.

I’ll post more pictures next week, but here’s a taste of what you may see on Ashmont Hill.