Hello Susan!

Today I actually “go public” and share this link with another human being: my wife Susan. Of course, she’s been sneaky and reading it anyway, but I figured I’d make it official since I’ve been posting for two weeks.

Enjoy reading Susan, love your Gus.

In related news, Panorama of the Mountain has a record number of views today (39 at last count). If those aren’t all Susan, then welcome to lots of other people as well. I find the search terms that find this blog fascinating. The one that takes the cake is “pygmy christmas traditions”. Sad to say, I didn’t even know that Pygmies have Christmas traditions so sadly you’re not going to find much information on that topic here.

One thought on “Hello Susan!

  1. Hi! I would like to say that this is the first time anyone has ever blogged about me. But the truth is that a blogging fan of Lean Thought wrote a review of my “Shippers See Inventory Rising” article in LM. He wasn’t nearly as complimentary as you. In fact, I think he hated the article.


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