Book Review: “Currency” by Neal Stephenson (Book 7 of the Baroque Cycle)

The seventh book of the Baroque Cycle and the the second part of the third volume The System of the World (2004) by Neal Stephenson is “Currency.”  Continuing where “Solomon’s Gold” left off, Daniel Waterhouse, Isaac Newton and other members of his philosophical club attempt to track down Jack Shaftoe for his counterfeiting crimes and tampering with the Pyx.  Meanwhile Eliza aids Princess Caroline of the Hanovers as her life is threatened amid the scheming over the successor to Queen Anne.  It all comes to a head as warring militias gather in London and the Whigs and Tories face off.

The Baroque Cycle gets better as it goes along and builds on past introduction of themes, characters and ideas.  I admit I’m guilty on not earlier paying enough attention to “minor” characters like Ravenscar and Bolingbroke whose significance becomes prominent in this episode.  Despite that this is another excellent novel of political intrigue, history, and humor.

I look forward to reading the final book, but also feel a bit sad that it will come to an end.


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