Book Review: The Old Iron Road by David Howard Bain

Author: David Howard Bain
Title: The Old Iron Road
Publication Info: Viking Adult (2004), Edition: 1St Edition
ISBN: 0670033081


After completing an historical work on the railroad’s role in Western expansion – Empire Express – Bain piled his family into a car to follow a westward route roughly tracing the pioneer trails, transcontinental railroad, and  the Lincoln Highway.  Along the way they visit museums, historic sites, abandoned railway grades and surviving relics, ghost towns, and most importantly encounter a number of fascinating historians (both professional and amateur).  This is not a typical travel book though as it is steeped in historical detail as each site visited prompts an historic tale of pioneering times.  I enjoyed this potpourri of Old West history which is written in loving detail.

Rating: *** 1/2

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