More than I can ever read

I like lists of books. Lists of books I’ve read are ultimately the most satisfying, to look back at what I’ve read, learned, and experienced. Lists of books I plan to read are fun too, full of possibility, will they live up to their synopses, what will I learn. I’m ready to jump in and devour each book in the list. Lists like the New York Times 100 Notable Books of the Year are the most heartbreaking. There’s no way I’ll read them all, and can you believe the have the nerve to link to several lists from previous years as well?

I’ve added half-a-dozen books to my personal “books to read” list. Sometimes I see the name of the book in my list and have no idea of where I heard of the book or why I put it on my list. So this nice linky from my blog should be helpful in those situations. At least for those six books.

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