Movie Review: UP

***** UP (2009)

In a way I wonder how this movie has any right to be as good as it is.  Shouldn’t Pixar be burnt out and sticking to formula by now?  Everyone has probably seen this movie long ago so I won’t go into a summary of the story.  But to use a cliche, this movie has everything -adventure, stunning visuals, surrealism, humor, scary parts, really sad parts, inventiveness, clever dialogue, great characters, and honestly touching parts.  Watching it with Peter it was interesting as he actually picked up on the death of Carl’s wife (although he didn’t realize that they got married as he kept asking “what happened to his friend?”) .  Peter also was a bit frightened by some of the more intense action sequences but overall enjoyed the movie.  It certainly gave us a lot to talk about.

I was hiding under your porch because I love you. – Dug

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