Beer Review: Guinness Nitro IPA

Beer:  Nitro IPA
BrewerGuinness Ltd
Source:  Draft
Rating:  *** (7.7 of 10)

I’ve grown tired of every craft brewery and now every commercial brewery focusing so much effort on producing and flooding the market with India Pale Ales (IPA), a style I don’t like because it often tastes like bitter grapefruit.  I question why Guinness who perfected the pint of stout would wander into the fray, but felt obligated to give it a try when I saw it on draft.  And … I liked it.

For one thing, it doesn’t really taste much like an IPA as I’m familiar with it.  I’ve noticed from other reviews that IPA fans don’t like that, but for me that’s a feature not a bug.  It pours out in a glass with a thick creamy head, looking a whole lot like a Guiness stout, but a honey-golden color instead of black.  The nose is a sweet lemon, and the taste is bread crust and citrus with a subtly bitter but earthy aftertaste.   The glass is nicely laced as you drink and the mouthfeel is medium and creamy.  Surprisingly good

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