Library Links of the Day for 17 December 2007

  • Striving to be “container neutral” as a Librarian by Laurie (Laurie the Librarian, 11/22/2007) via Librarian in Black – “Container Neutral is defined as choosing the best format for the information source based upon needs not upon a goal to collect resources in a particular format.”
  • A Treatise on the Black Market of Holds by Sarah Houghton-Jan (Librarian in Black 12/13/07) – interesting views on patrons being able hold books at expense of browsers. News to me is that some libraries charge for hold services! I’d be so broke if Minuteman Library Network or Boston Public Library did that. I guess it’s part of the free library ethic of New England.
  • Explore your inner librarian via Tame the Web – this is just a link of a link and I’ve not had a chance to explore it but it looks worth saving for later.

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