Yahoo for Johan!

The Mets have reached a deal with the Minnesota Twins to trade for Johan Santana!  That’s the Johan Santana who is quite possibly the best active pitcher in baseball and most certainly the first Cy Young Award caliber pitcher in the Mets in his prime since the days of Gooden and Cone.

This is a great way to awake from the slumber of a long, cold off-season and begin to get excited for the 2008 campaign!

3 thoughts on “Yahoo for Johan!

  1. Yeah, can you sign him? I think his request for $20 million for 7 years is outrageous. It would handcuff a team and make it very difficult for them to further sign agents. Beckett did a favor for the Red Sox when he took a “discount” fo $10m per year for 3 years.

    I also don’t necessarily agree that a player who, granted has the biggest impact on a game when they play, should get paid that much when they play once every 5 games. How much should Santana get paid?

    BTW I think is is a great deal for you Liam–you get an incredible player, probably the best pitcher in the game right now. But if he doesn’t pan out, you can still root for the Red Sox!


  2. I’m sure they’ll negotiate something amenable to both parties. The Mets have a tv station and a new stadium to provide revenue so I don’t think they’ll be too handcuffed fiscally. They just need to be wise in how they spend their money. No Bonillas, no Glavines, no washed-up former stars. I think Santana is a step in the right direction. The Mets definitely need starting pitching more than anything else.

    BTW, you make sound like a bandwagon-hopper in the last sentence. I’ll always like the Red Sox and root for them to do well, but the Mets are my team win or lose.


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