JP A to Z: J is for Jamaica Pond #AtoZChallenge #JamaicaPlain

J is for Jamaica Pond

A defining topographical feature of Jamaica Plain is this 68 acre kettle pond that is 53 feet deep at its center.  Jamaica Pond was formed of land scooped out by glaciers and was landscaped by the Frederick Law Olmsted firm to retain a natural beauty.  It’s a popular destination for walking, jogging, sailing, and fishing. On a promontory above the pond is a field used for children’s soccer and baseball games and for festivals.  Another kettle hole called the Sugar Bowl – this one not filled with water –  is a popular destination for wintertime sledding.  Every October, children dressed in costume circle the Pond’s 1.5-mile trail carrying hand-made lanterns for the Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade.

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2 thoughts on “JP A to Z: J is for Jamaica Pond #AtoZChallenge #JamaicaPlain

  1. Still a popular place to fish! I see fisherfolk out there even on weekdays. The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife stocks the Pond every year with trout, pickerel, bass, bullhead, and perch.


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